DroidCon Stockholm 2013



In Early December, it’s time for the Droids to come to Stockholm.

The weekend of 7-8 December 2013 we will fill the beautiful atrium of Tieto AB in Stockholm with Android talks, workshops, skills, knowledge and devices!
This is the first Swedish iteration of the world-famous Droidcon conference series, originating in Berlin, Germany.

The first day of this single-track conference will be all talks, around Android design, development and infrastructure. The second day will devote half of the day to workshops on a variety of hands-on workshops such as enterprise management, design patterns and more. Some workshops will have limited space so ticket holders will get a specific invite closer to the event.

Price: 1750 SEK (for both days)

Call for papers here! More speakers coming soon…

  • Evolution of intelligence in Android devices – when will they outsmart us? 07 Dec, 09:00 – 09:40

    We are more and more getting independence as individuals and more aware about what's going on around us, thanks to our smartphones. We are getting more efficient at work, and can enjoy our private life and have a nice quality time with our family and friends.

    But this is just the beginning! Remember how the first mobile phones looked like? What experience we had with it? We had witnessed and contributed in it's evolution from a simple mobile to a powerful smartphone, and now we are all together shaping and influencing on it's future to become even an intelligent-phone!

    • zine
      Zine Ellabidine Tieto
  • Intro to bluetooth low energy for Android developers 07 Dec, 09:40 – 10:20

    Bluetooth low energy (or BLE for short) is a relatively new technology and with 'Jelly Bean' and onwards we have begun to see native support for it in Android.

    In this talk we will briefly go through what BLE is, its underlying principles and protocols and current state of Android support. We will also briefly compare Android against iOS in terms of what is possible today when it comes to BLE APIs.

    This talk is geared towards Android developers who are not familiar with Bluetooth low energy.

    • shahzada
      Shahzada Hatim Assa Abloy

      Shahzada Hatim (@geoaxis) is a Software developer at ASSA ABLOY Shared Technologies in Stockholm. He has been following recent developments in Bluetooth Low Energy both as part of daily work and personal interest. He is convinced that BLE will become the dominent wireless technology for the last centi-meter in the internet of things.

  • Play Store bashing, learn from the biggest fails 07 Dec, 10:40 – 10:20

    Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo, ... All these huge brands are also big Android editors.

    During this presentation we will discover together the stories of big companies that published apps on the PlayStore that failed to satisfiy the users or the Android guidelines, to learn from their mistakes

    • eyal
      Eyal Lezmy GENYMOBILE
  • The Magical WebView – Hybrid Apps on Android 07 Dec, 11:20 – 12:00

    There are many benefits to gain by authoring hybrid Android apps that combine Java and JavaScript, but there are also pitfalls to be aware of.

    With the Android WebView widget, you have access to the magical powers of a dynamic runtime engine. You can write your code in any language that compiles to JavaScript.

    You can even use a hidden WebView, and develop your UI using native Android widgets, and code the application logic in JavaScript.

    During development, WebView content can be quickly reloaded, making for fast turnaround. Code can be dynamically evaluated while the app is running, which can radially cut development time.

    There is also the possibility for updating apps without users having to reinstall them.

    In this talk, I will discuss programming techniques for hybrid Android apps, how to communicate between Java and JavaScript, performance considerations, and tools for rapid development of hybrid apps.

    I will demonstrate HyperReload, a tool inspired by interactive programming environments like Smalltalk and Lisp.

    • mikael
      Mikael Kindborg HyperReload / EvoThings
  • Enterprise Mobility Managed Services for Android 07 Dec, 13:00 – 13:40

    - Challenges with Android

    - Enterprise App-store

    - Android: Security, BYOD, Lock down

    - Android Application containers (technical deep drive)

    • dinuke
      Dinuke Abeysekera Tieto
  • Android & OpenGL – An app developers point of view 07 Dec, 13:40 – 14:20

    OpenGL is to many a mystery and it definitely falls under the quote: "With great power comes great responsibility".

    My quest for this session is to demystify OpenGL and help you use it responsibly. I will share my view, learnings and warn you about possible pitfalls.

    We will also go through a simple android application which can be used as a boilerplate for OpenGL programming in Android.

    • andreas
      Andreas Nilsson JayWay
  • Design and Innovation with the Android platform & Internet of Things 07 Dec, 14:40 – 15:20

    Screen Interaction is a design and innovation agency who loves to explore new technologies and create services that improve people's everyday life.

    In our innovation and design process we have a collection of tools and methods that help us utilize new technology when creating solutions that answers to new and existing needs of the user.

    A tool that we favor is Android. Its open SDK, massive feature set and ability to run on numerous different devices makes it the perfect platform to innovate on, not only for smartphones but also within Internet of Things (IoT).

    In this talk we will share tools that will help you find new ideas and transform them into useful design solutions backed with the power of Android. To exemplify these insights we will showcase some inspiring IoT demos.

    • holmafredriksson
      Robert Holma och Fredrik Johansson Screen Interaction
  • Incorporating mobile devices into your product design 07 Dec, 15:20 – 16:00

    The panono camera takes a stab at revolutionizing photography down to the consumer level. Mobile platforms are hereby an integral part of the overall product experience and enable a novel way of thinking about model design.

    In this talk we want to share the product visions that mobile devices enable as well as some of the roadblocks that need to be overcome to turn them into reality

    • MarcelPoppe_Panono
      Marcel Poppe Panono
  • Android Design: Beyond the guidlines 08 Dec, 09:00 – 09:40

    With Android Design guidelines becoming more robust and easier to implement, it's easy to have your application's design lost in a homogenized sea of "Holo Themed" user interfaces.

    When is it ok to break away from the Design Guidelines? In this session, we will examine and showcase examples where developers have "thought outside the box" and implemented beautiful interfaces and animations that create captivating and unique experiences for their users.

    We will also discuss how to achieve some of these design features in your own applications by looking at common patterns for a variety of designs that will leave your users delightfully surprised and help you push the boundaries of Android's paradigms in the future.

    • kevin1RS_crop
      Kevin Grant Tumblr

      KEVIN GRANT is an Android Engineer at tumblr, a creative blogging platform in New York City, where he focuses on application design, implementing the latest design and user interaction paradigms and pushing the boundaries of the Android framework.

      He began developing for Android in 2009, performing research at the University of Nevada, Reno. After graduating he moved to Malmö, Sweden where he took part in the Scandinavian startup scene.

  • Advanced sensor integration 08 Dec, 09:40 – 10:40

    Mobile devices are unique in the number of programmable sensors that are fit into one unified system.

    In combination with the massive installed base, this makes the business case of developing advanced apps that benefit from these sensors more compelling than ever. However, going from idea to an implementation that not only works, but also makes for a great user experience is no easy task.

    Based on our experiences in building augmented reality, computer vision and motion sensing Android apps, we will pinpoint challenges and opportunities in the process of prototyping and turning the prototypes into final products ready for production.

    • Staffan2
      Staffan Kjellberg Bontouch
  • The role of Android in wearable computing 08 Dec, 10:40 – 11:20

    Since it's launch Android has brought a wealth of connectivity to mobile devices while also making the connectivity API's a breeze to work with.

    My quest for this sessions is to give a bit of insight into how these improvements has enabled us designers and researchers to develop better, more easily wearable, sensor & actuator enhanced garments.

    Note: Andreas is one of the authors of Professional Android Open Accessory Programming with Arduino

    • ag2
      Andreas Göransson Malmö University
  • Simplify Android Application Testing and Presentation with Genymotion 08 Dec, 11:20 – 00:00

    This talk will introduce Genymotion, the fast and easy-to-use Android emulator. The stock Android emulator, known to be slow and difficult to set up, is not used by many Android developers who prefer to directly test their applications on real devices. But still, it's difficult to test their apps on many different Android versions and resolutions.

    Thus, Genymotion was developed to provide Android developers a fast and configurable Android emulator. We will show how Genymotion can help developers save time on app testing, and help demonstrators make great presentations of their products. With more than 400,000 registered users, Genymotion is greatly appreciated by Android developers.

    During this talk, we will:
    - Explain Genymotion architecture
    - Demonstrate how Genymotion can be used for apps testing and presentation
    - Present the new Genymotion 2.0 release

    • Sam_1
      Samuel Rats Genymotion
  • Learn how to develop for SmartWatch 2 08 Dec, 13:00 – 13:40

    This session is about how you can make use of the Smart Extension API to create your own SmartWatch 2 compatible apps.

    We will cover the SmartWatch 2's specs and capabilities. You will be guided through the required steps for registering your own extension, get it running on the watch and how to publish it properly on Google Play for easier discoverability.

    We will also take a look at things you can do to make the most use of the SmartWatch 2 and optimize your implementation.

    • jonashellstrom
      Jonas Hellström Sony Mobile

      onas Hellström is all about mobile devices, big and small, and he has had a devoted interest in the Android industry since the first cookie was baked. Jonas is working as a developer support engineer within the Developer Program at Sony, and he is one of the driving members behind the Sony Add-on SDK.

  • Designing for Android Workshop 08 Dec, 13:40 – 15:30

    In this workshop you’ll get an introduction to design thinking and why design shouldn’t be left to designers alone.

    We’ll also cover a few practical tips & tricks on how to speak to iOS-centered designers & clients and how to get your Android users the UX they deserve.

    We’ll talk about Android design patterns, user centered design and much more!

    A large part of the workshop will focus on practical challenges with a design twist, some rapid prototyping and the possibility to get your hands on some nice prizes!

    • linneaKallgard
      Linnéa Källgård Tieto
  • Introduction to OpenGL on Android Workshop 08 Dec, 13:40 – 15:30

    This workshop will serve as a basic introduction to OpenGL.
    The tasks will be performed on Android and no previous experience with Android or OpenGL is required.

    The approach is quite simple:
    You will get an Android project to play with. This will serve as boiler plate for solving the tasks.

    These are the areas that we will try to cover:
    * 3D Transformations
    * Creating a 3D object
    * Animating the object
    * Texturing the object
    * Creating a simple GLSL shader
    * Introducing touch to manipulate the view
    * Creating a more complex GLSL shader

    I see this workshop as a joint venture. That means you will be a big part of how it unfolds.
    You, as a group will decide the order and depth of which we dive into the tasks.

    • andreas
      Andreas Nilsson JayWay
  • Android♥Arduino 08 Dec, 13:40 – 15:30

    In this workshop you’ll get a really quick introduction to working with sensors and actuators using

    Arduino. You’ll then quickly move on to connecting these very simple electronic devices to an

    Android app for either control or monitoring.


    During the workshop you will get the chance to borrow the electric components needed for the workshop (including Arduino boards, sensors, actuators, and more). However, you will need to bring

    some stuff to the workshop:

    • A working laptop running either Windows, Mac OS, or Linux

    o Installed Arduino IDE (http://arduino.cc/en/Main/Software). Make sure to also

    install drivers for the Arduino Mega ADK, and the Arduino UNO.

    o Installed Eclipse IDE (http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html)

    • Some building materials (cardboard, tape, post-its, etc.)

    • A happy mood and bright ideas for accessories

    • ag2
      Andreas Göransson Malmö University